Other POWs



The following is an alphabetical listing of prisoners of war that are mentioned in  Walter Layne’s Wartime Log.”  The page number of the “Wartime Log” that each individual is mentioned in follows their information. 

Allen, Charles (Tim) R.A.F. 70 Warren Road, Washwood Heath, Birmingham.  Sgt. Rear Gunner, 75 Squadron, Lancaster PB520  shot down 20th  November 1944 on operations to Homberg, Lancaster PB520  (page 87)


Charles Allen

Bean, Leonard Frank R.A.F.  Sgt  F/E 432 Squadron Halifax LW597, shot down 25/26 February 1944 by night fighter near Ulm on operations to Augsburg.  From http://www.robineau.ca/2012/11/rheal-robineau-the-rest-of-the-crew/ Bean L. F. Flt/engineer.  We left base, East Moor, after dark, somewhere around 21:30. Fairly cloudy weather, but clear, 3/4 moon above 10,000 feet. Only light flak was encountered until the target, but even here we seemed to be above most of it. We flew all the way at approximately 21,000 feet. We arrived at the target on time but no flares had been dropped by P.F.F so the skipper having flown over the target circled back into bomber stream. Flares were down by this time. We bombed the target and turned onto track. Approximately, half hour later, skipper asked me to check that bomb doors were isolated on the hydraulics. I went back to check, taking my log to fill in. As I plugged into the intercom, I heard the skipper warning the gunners that there were fighter flares going down ahead. As far as I remember we stayed on course and did not weave. A few minutes later, approximately 2:00 I heard a banging noise underneath and the overload tank in the bomb bay exploded. I then heard the skipper give the order to bale out and went forward and handed him his chute, as he was leaving his position. I then got my chute and went to follow him into the nose, but stayed on the steps. Later when the aircraft had dropped quite a height the wireless operator managed to open the hatch. The order of leaving the aircraft was wireless operator, pilot, navigator, bomb aimer and myself (flt/engineer). After pulling the ripcord I blacked out and remember nothing until I came to in the snow. I had no chute or harness or Mae west and 2 German landwatch with shotguns were standing around, apparently waiting for me to recover. When the tank exploded, it blew the floor in and the flames came through. Window was being dropped. Upward firing guns.  (page 19)

leonard bean

Leonard Bean

Beesley, J. R.A.F. 176 Woodland Ave. Handsworth, Birmingham.  F/S  Bomb Aimer 97 Squadron Lancaster JA708.  Shot down 23/24 September 1943  by Messerschmitt 110 night fighter piloted by Unteroffizie  Josef Brunner operating out of Venlo in Holland 1 minute after bombing Mannheim. (One of the crew members when Walter Layne was shot down) (page 7, 51, 87)


John Beesley

 Beesley repat scan0010

 John Beesley at the time of his repatriation.

Beeston, Arthur Henry (Bob) R.A.F. W/O Pilot of 51 Squadron Halifax HR750 shot down by Feldwebel Heinz Oloff in a He 219 night fighter  27/28 May 1943 over Holland on a raid to Essen, all crew survived to become POW’s.  (page 76)



beeston later

Arthur Beeston

Benson, Arthur J. (Buzz)  R.A.A.F.  “OK” Goondiwindi, Queensland. Sgt. Pilot  10 O.T.U. Whitley BD220  At 14.39 hours, 14 June 1943 two U boats inbound for their French base in Bordeaux were spotted by the Whitley in the Bay of Biscay and shadowed. U-564 was unable to dive after an air attack the day before and was being escorted back to France by U-185. At 16.45 hours, the fuel of the aircraft was running low the pilot Sergeant Benson decided to attack U-564. Both boats opened fire and hit the bomber, but its depth charges caused more damage on the boat and she sank at 17.30 hours. The hydraulics and the starboard engine of the Whitley were damaged, so the crew was forced to ditch into the Bay of Biscay approximately 80 miles south-west of the Isles of Scilly. The crew were picked up three days later by a French trawler and ended up as German prisoners of war.  A good account is in Norman Franks book ‘ Search, Find and Kill.’  Benson was awarded the D.F.M for this action.  (Page 87) http://www.crookwellgazette.com.au/story/1499555/the-sinking-of-u-564-june-14-1943-arthur-benson-crookwell/ http://www.wartimememoriesproject.com/ww2/pow/stalag357.php#jabenson

Arthur J. Benson

Arthur Benson

Calvert, George F. R.A.F. 11 Mallett Crescent, Bolton.  F/S 106 Squadron Lancaster W4842 on May 27th 1943 on an operation to Essen.   According to Lancaster at War 3 (Pages 68-72) George was not related to crew member Les Calvert.  George Calvert also has an account in Cooper’s ‘Air Battle of the Ruhr’ (Page 80). The crew survived a Whitley crash landing on 9 Dec 42 whilst with 19 OTU Kinloss, a first ditching in Lancaster R5892 on 21 Feb 43 with 1661 HCU and then a second ditching after the Essen raid although on this occasion they were picked up by the Germans.  The crew named their aircraft “Fema Dora” meaning Fuck ‘em all dead or alive. (page 55) http://www.bomber-command.info/taylormemoir.htm


George Calvert

Calvert, Les.  R.A.F. Sgt. 106 Squadron Lancaster W4842 on May 27th 1943 on an operation to Essen.  No relation to crew member George F. Calvert, listed above.  (page 59) http://homepage.ntlworld.com/ian.gillson/ba.html http://homepage.ntlworld.com/ian.gillson/Les/composite.jpg



Les Calvert

Cannon, James. R.A.F. 10 Rodgers Place, Earlston, Berwickshire.  Sgt  W/O 432 Squadron Halifax LW597, shot down 25/26 February 1944 by night fighter near Ulm on operations to Augsburg. From http://www.robineau.ca/2012/11/rheal-robineau-the-rest-of-the-crew/ Cannon J.  Wireless operator.  Take off was at 21:00 hours on Feb. 25th 1944. Everything went okay until about 15 minutes after leaving target when we were hit by a fighter. To my knowledge no warning was given from gunners, so no evasive action was done. No clouds in the sky. Nearest big town – Ulm. On being hit we lost control of aircraft and went into steep dive, wasn’t able to open hatch until aircraft levelled itself out at about 3,000 feet.  (page 25) Jimmy Cannon                                                       Jimmy Cannon

Charlton, J. Allen R.A.F. 9 Dick Road, Kilmarnock.  159 Squadron Liberator AL534.   Took off from St Jean, Palestine 23 July 1942 to attack harbour & shipping at Benghazi, Libya. Two killed, 5 POWs. Among the captured was the pilot, F/O R.A. Malcolm.  The remains of R/100329 F/Sgt James Sherman Peterson RCAF are buried in Benghazi War Cemetery, Libya, while 751642 F/Sgt John Henry Hogg was never found. (page 25)

Collins, Lawrence Walter. R.A.F.  “Sackville House.” 4 Littlefield’s Lane, Grimsby, Lincs.  A/G 57 Squadron Wellington R1369 operation to Kiel shot down and crashed in the sea near the Frisians  July 25th 1941 (page 23)   Shot down by Helmut Lent this was Lent’s 19th victory out of a total of 111 confirmed kills.

CollinsLaurie Collins

Coulbeck, R. 97 Ravendale St. Scunthorpe. Cpl. R.A.S.C. POW # 6084 Service # 7615370.  Ray Coulbeck was at Brigg Grammar School with Walter Layne.  Coulbeck was part of the British Expeditionary Force and was one of the last to leave France evacuating from Rennes.  Serving in the Middle East he was stationed in Piraeus Greece before the Germans overran the country. He was there when ammunition ships exploded in Piraeus Harbour.  He was subsequently evacuated to Crete. Following the Battle for Crete, he was captured on the beach near Sphakia on the south coast of Crete.  (page 27) Ray Coulbeck      Ray Colbeck

Denton, Jack N.  R.A.F. 4 The Terrace, Chyandous, Penzance, Cornwall.  F/S 106 Squadron Lancaster W4842, shot down 27 May 1943 on a raid to Essen.  http://www.bomber-command.info/taylormemoir.htm (page 87)

Jack Denton

Gillman Earnest James.  R.A.F.  20 Eastcourt Av., Earley, Reading. Sgt F/E 97 Squadron Lancaster JA 707 .  Attacked by night fighter after bombing Nuremberg and crashed in Luxembourg 27/28 August 1943  Gillman’s POW report is online at http://webspace.qmul.ac.uk/fsegreyer/EscapersAndEvaders/OtherEandE/GillmanReport.htm He was killed in 1948 when Lincoln RF474 of 9 Squadron crashed in France.  (page 33)

Ernest Gillman - Cropped

Caricature of Earnest Gillman by Pat Rooney

Griffith, Peter Hamer. Woodholme, Bishopswood Road, Prestatyn, Wales.  Rifleman  6896171.  Captured Crete 1st June 1941.  Member of 1st. Battalion “The Rangers” Kings Royal Rifle Corps. (page 29)

Gunter, Louis Benedict.  R.A.F. Binley Rd. Coventry.  S/L Pilot, 619 Squadron Lancaster ME855 shot down 12/13 Aug 44, Operation to Brunswick,  (page 24, 89)

61 (6)

Gus Gunter and crew at 61 Squadron at Syerston, July 1942.  From left to right, Navigator Smith, Mid Upper Gunner Maxwell, Bomb Aimer Tomlinson, Wireless Operator Edwards, Pilot Gunter, Rear gunner Robinson.  Flight Engineer Sgt L. Ferguson is not present.


 “Gus” Gunter at a training unit.
Gunter 2
“Gus” in the pilot’s seat of an Avro Lancaster.
Gurnell, Peter. R.A.F. Sturton, Brigg. Entered the RAF straight after leaving Brigg Grammar School as a Halton apprentice to train as an aircraft engineer.  He flew in Hampden and Manchester bombers as a sergeant air gunner with both 44 and 207 Squadrons.  He was part of Flight Lieutenant Sieberts crew of 207 Squadron Manchester L7303 shot down by an  ME 110 piloted by Gerhard Herzog 27/28 March 1941 on operations to Düsseldorf. (page 27)


Peter Gurnell

Hancock, Robert. R.A.F. Woodhouse Farm, Leconfield, E. Yorks.  W/O Observer on 77 Squadron Whitley Z9280, shot down attacking Wilhelmshaven 27 February 1942  (page 94) Hancock

Robert Hancock

Hand, George W. R.A.F. Morcott, near Uppingham, Rutland.  Sgt. W/O 434 Squadron Halifax LL257 shot down by a night fighter 19/20 February 1944 on operations to Leipzig. (page 17, 25)

George Hand

George Hand

Hanrahan, Charles James. R.A.F. 5 Norbreck Close, Cinder Hill, Notts. Sgt. F/E 97 Squadron Lancaster ED816 shot down 12/13 June 1943 on an operation to Bochum.   Shot down by Oblt Werner Husemann from Stab NJG1 , his 4th victory (page 86)

Hanrahan 1

Hobsbawn, Geoffrey Ronald David Berkwood.  R.A.F. Santiago, Chile.  Sgt. 102 Squadron Halifax W7652 shot down by flak 16 June 1942 on an operation to Essen.   All of the crew became prisoners of war.  (page 81)

With their two infant sons, Geoffrey Hobsbawn’s parents emigrated from Wales to Chile circa 1917.   At the commencement of World War Two, Geoffrey along with three brothers and a sister (two brothers and a sister were born in Chile) returned to England and joined the Armed Forces.  All five survived the war.



Geoffrey Hobsbawn

Howes, Johnny. R.A.F. Peacehaven, Sussex.  Sgt. 57 Squadron Wellington Z8985 lost 7/8 November 1941 on a “Rover Patrol” in the Munster area. (page 13)

Hunter, W. James R.A.F. 123 Winifred Rd. Coulson, Surrey.  P/O Observer 217 Squadron Coastal Command Beaufort AW238 shot down attacking the battleship Scharnhorst in the Bay of Biscay, 25 July 1941.  Was one of the forgers of the “Dean and Dawson” organization that made documents for the “Wooden Horse” escape.  W.J. “Jim” Hunter wrote about his experiences in a book titled “From Coastal Command To Captivity.”  (page 24) Hunter3                    Jim Hunter beside a Fairey Battle at R.A.F. West Freugh.

Hyden, Phillip.  R.A.F. F/O  78 Squadron Halifax DT775 lost on an operation to Frankfurt,  shot down by ME110 night fighter piloted by Feldwebel Karl Gross of 8/NJG4, 10/11 April 1943.  This was Gross’s only shoot down. (page 98)  Phillip Hyden was killed November 27th 1955 when his Canberra crashed near Salisbury.


Phillip Hyden

Jack, Gordon Bilsland. S.A.A.F. Lt. 14 Eridgeway, Forest Town, Johannesburg S.A.  S.A.A.F. Service number 205570 .  POW number 684.   S.A.A.F. Number 2 Fighter Squadron shot down 1 September 1942 in Tomahawk AM390 GL F while escorting Boston bombers of S.A.3 wing and captured 20.9 kilometres Southeast of El Alamein. (page 24, 80)


CaptureGordon Jack

Jackson, Reginald J. R.A.F.  20 Maytree Crescent, Watford, Herts.  Sgt. F/E 156 Squadron Lancaster W4943 on operations to Essen 27/28 May 1943.  Shot down by Maj Werner Streib.  Streib’s 49th shootdown from a total of 64.  (page 87)

Kenny Joseph. R.A.F.  27 Featherstall Road North, Oldham, Lancashire.  Sgt. W/O 97 Squadron Lancaster JA 707 .  Attacked by night fighter after bombing Nuremberg and crashed  in Luxembourg 27/28 August 1943  (page 33) Kenny evaded with Gillman who’s report can be found here http://www.possumline.net/EscapersAndEvaders/OtherEandE/GillmanReport.htm


Joseph Kenny

Lee, Douglas Norman. R.A.F. Brentford, Middlesex.  Sgt. The pilot of 77 Squadron Whitley  Z6570 lost on an operation to Berlin 9/10 April 1941.  (page 25)

douglas norman lee

Douglas Norman Lee

Littlewood, Leonard J.  R.A.F. 43 Rothschild St., West Norwood, London. SE 27  Sgt. 487 Squadron Ventura AE731 EG-O shot down by Hauptman Wickop and crashed near Haarlem when participating in “Ramrod 16” attacking a power station near Amsterdam 3 May 1943.  This was a disastrous raid, of the 12 aircraft dispatched all were lost with the exception of one aircraft that returned soon after take-off due to mechanical difficulties.   (page 25)

crew taylor 600dpi (1)

Leonard Littlewood

Lockyer Thomas Mitchell,. R.A.F. F/Lt.  Chorley, Lancs.  shot down 22/02/41 flying Spitfire R6598 (1PRU) over Ostend the victim of Obfw Hermann Staege 2./LG 2  (page 24, 75)



“Titch” Lockyer.

McCullock, Alex. R.A.F. 63 Twyford Ave. Fosters Green, London.  P/O Mid upper gunner 35 Squadron Halifax LV864 shot down by night fighter 19/20 February 1944 on operations to Leipzig and captured south-east of Magdeburg.

Pete Tresadern provided the following information.

No. 35 Squadron’s Operations Record Book shows that 532978 (53682) Alexander Gartshore Stirling McCulloch was posted from No. 77 Squadron on 10th December 1943.

He settled into the daily routine which consisted of ground training, air tests and operational training exercises (such as high-level bombing, fighter affiliation and cross country).

At some point in time, he replaced one of the air gunners in an established crew, captained by KG McAlpine, thereby forming the following crew:

• KG McAlpine (Pilot)
• GW Traylor (Navigator)
• L Chant (Air Bomber)
• AAJ Meyers (Wireless Operator)
• AGS McCulloch (Air Gunner)
• D Sinclair (Air Gunner)
• RJ Twine (Flight Engineer)

The squadron’s Operations Record Book shows that over the next few months, Alexander participated in the following operations, under the captaincy of EG Franklin.

1. 20/01/1944 Berlin Halifax HR877
2. 27/01/1944 Heligoland Halifax HX147
3. 28/01/1944 Berlin Halifax HX147
4. 30/01/1944 Berlin Halifax LV822
5. 15/02/1944 Berlin Halifax HX327
6. 19/02/1944 Leipzig Halifax LV864  page 24) Alex McCullock

Alex McCullock

McDonald, Ian Alexander R.A.F. 24 Brookland Rise, London, NW.11  Sgt. A/G 50 Squadron Hampden AE 318 shot down 7/8 September 1941 on operations to Kiel.   Ian McDonald was posted to 50 Squadron from 14 OTU (Operational Training Unit) on 17th August 1941.  He flew three operations, 25th August 1941 to Mannheim, 2nd September to Berlin and the one he was shot down on, 7th September to Kiel.  His aircraft was Hampden AE318 and was crewed by Sergeants D. Good (Pilot) D.F. Endsor (Bomb Aimer) R. Williamson (Wireless Operator)  I.A. McDonald (Rear Gunner) the aircraft crashed near Oldenburg, Holstein.  All of the crew became P.O.W.’s   (page 39)

McKeown, William Trevor R.N.Z.A.F. 48 St. Heliers Crescent,  Linwood N.Z. F/Lt.  239 Squadron Mustang shot down during  Dieppe raid 19 August 1942 and crash landed at Dieppe, suffering a blow to the head. In August 1943 he lost his right eye as a result of this injury.   (page 24)P02028.045

Szubin. Group portrait of prisoners of war at OflagXXIb in Poland.  Left to right, back row. Chase, Aickin (RNZAF); Brain (RNZAF); Palmer (RNZAF); front row.  Dusty Miller, McKeown (RNZAF); Lush.  (Original print housed in the AWM Archive Store)

“Trev” McKeown

Meyrick, David. R.A.F. 38 Coronation Rd. Gilfach Goch, Glamorgan.  AC1 150 Squadron Battle L5540, shot down attacking enemy columns in Luxembourg and crash-landed in the target area near Bonnevoie, 10 May 1940. (page 25)


David Meyrick

Nelson, Joseph Edmundson, R.A.F. 15 Parkfield Rd. Bolton.  F/S Flight Engineer  97 Squadron Lancaster JA708.  Shot down 23/24 September 1943  by Messerschmitt 110 night fighter piloted by Unteroffizie  Josef Brunner operating out of Venlo in Holland 1 minute after bombing Mannheim. (One of the crew members when my father was shot down.)   (page 86)


From left to right, White, Nelson, Beesley, Fletcher, Layne and Page.  In the rear is an unknown ground crew member

Petch, Walter. (Wally)  R.A.F. 23 Hamilton Rd. Scunthorpe.  Sgt. 77 Squadron Whitley Z6642 crashed 7 July 1941 on an operation to Dortmund.  (page 66)  Died in 1959 at age 47 of coronary thrombosis.

Walter Petch in uniform

Walter Petch in the uniform of the Air Defence Cadet Corps. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Defence_Cadet_Corps)


Walter Petch

Stalugluft 3

Walter Petch back row 6th from right.  Photograph was taken at Stalag 9C Bad Sulza (Muhlhausen.)  http://www.prisonerofwar.org.uk/autumn_2006cover.htm

Prentice, Donald F. S.A.A.F. 124 Caledon St. Uiterhage, Cape Province. S.A. Lt. Pilot of 112 Squadron Mustang III HB 908 GA W. Shot down by flak 30 October 1944 aircraft crashed in Gulf Of Venice near San Vito.  (page 24)

Pryde, James.   49 Dean Street, Newtongrange R.A.F. Sgt.  9 Squadron Wellington W5729.  Lost on operations to Cologne 10/11 July 1941,  He was captured somewhere between Calais and St Omer on 11th July 1941.  (page 90)


James Pryde

Reade, Frank S. R.A.F. 45 Mansfield Rd. Guilford, Surrey. F/O 199 Squadron Wellington HF488 shot down by night fighter piloted by Oblt Echkhardt-Wilhelm von Bonin from 6./NJG1 on operations to Dusseldorf, 25 May 1943.  Reade was the only survivor from this crew. (page 24)

Ringham, Frederick Leonard. 123 Barden Rd. Tonbridge, Kent.  131829 Sgt. W/O 102 Squadron Halifax W7652 lost 16 June 1942 on operations to Essen.   Hit by flak immediately after bombing the aircraft was abandoned near Wesel.  The pilot, Sgt. Batchelder stayed with the aircraft allowing the crew to bail out, for this he was awarded a DFM.  All of the crew survived to become POWs.  (page 58, 81)

Roe, William Alec.  “Allendale” Fordham Rd. Bury St. Edmonds.   Nav. 21 Squadron Mosquito NS 978.  Missing with pilot S/Ldr. Lloyd, on a night intruder patrol over the Normandy battlefront, on the night of 7/8 Aug 44. (page 24,79) William Roe

William Roe

Ruddock, Gerald F. 16 Alfoxton Ave., West Green, London. N15.  F/L Bomb Aimer for Gunter crew  619 Squadron Lancaster ME855 shot down 12/13 Aug 44, Operation to Brunswick, Lancaster ME855 (page 24)


Gerald Ruddock

Sadezky, Lawrence William. Aldenham, Elstree, Herts.  Sgt. A/G 83 Squadron Hampden AE319.  Shot down 6 September 1941 minelaying Oslo harbour.  (page 25)  Emigrated to Australia and was killed in a road accident August 16th 1951.

Seedhouse, John. c/o Morton, Skillington, nr. Grantham.  F/S  Flight Engineer 106 Squadron Lancaster W4842 crashed Leiden Holland with all crew becoming  P.O.W.’s. 27/28 May 1943 operations to Essen.  (page 87)


Shore, Eric Hudson Lithgow,  31 The Parade, Barry, Glamorgan. P/O pilot of 501 Squadron Spitfire AA 837.  Shot down north of Ste Mère Eglise France 4th November 1941.  From April 1943 until the evacuation of the camp in January 1945 Shore was the leader of  “Dean and Dawson” the forgery department of Stalag Luft III that made the documents for the “Wooden Horse” escapees for which he received the MBE in 1946. (page 24, 85)

016501 Squadron with Eric Shore, middle row second from left


German troops inspect Shore’s Spitfire on the beach at Saint Lo where he made a forced landing.


Shore as a POW, second from right.


Shore on the left


Shore in the middle


Shore on the left on his bunk.

Eric Hudson Lithgow Shore wedding

Eric Shore and Joan Eberle in1946.

Simich, G.R. R.N.Z.A.F. West Coast Rd. Oratia. Auckland. N.Z.,  F/L  214 Squadron Stirling W7560 shot down 26 July 1942 on operations against Hamburg.  Died 27th August 1948 age 32 when his Mosquito crashed at Himatangi Beach New Zealand. http://muse.aucklandmuseum.com/databases/Cenotaph/31820.detail (page 24)


G. Simich

Simmons, Roger G. 57 Manor Way, Woodmansterne, Surrey.   Seconded to SAAF and joined 1 Squadron 13th November 1941 as a Pilot Officer.  Fought in Operation Crusader.  Transferred to 238 Squadron R.A.F. in May 1942 and returned to 1 Squadron 2nd July 1942 taking part in 1st Alamein, Alam Halfa and El Alamein.  Flying in his Spitfire EP659 he was shot down and wounded by flak on 24 March 1943 strafing Gabes Airfield Tunisia.

Simmons was employed as a map maker by “Dean and Dawson” in the forgery department of Stalag Luft III that made the documents for the “Wooden Horse” escapees.)  (page 24, 35)

Roger Simmons

Roger Simmons

Skinner, Jim D 10 Earl Street, New Brumby, Scunthorpe. Sgt. Nav. 61 Squadron Lancaster W4763.  Shot down by flak 9/10 July 1943 on operations to Gelsenkirchen. (page 9)  See http://arcgis-content.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapJournal/?appid=1ae674dcf9c2440197b36bff57718e08

James Douglas Skinner

James Douglas Skinner

Smith, Jack  P/O/ 578 Squadron Halifax MZ511. Shot down by night fighter piloted by Major Martin Drewes 20/21 July 1944 on operations to Bottrop.  (page 99)  20/21 July was 578 squadrons most disastrous night of the war losing six Halifaxes and forty-two airmen. From MZ511 only the navigator P/O Jack Smith and the bomb-aimer P/O Ken Parsons survived the shoot down.  Parsons (back row second from right) successfully evaded.


Jack Smith, back row extreme left.

Utteridge, Robert  James. 13 Harpenden Road, W. Norwood, SE 27  LAC 142 Squadron Battle shot down 14 October 1940 at Rouen on an operation to Foret de Gault.  

536916 Leading Aircraftman Robert James Utteridge DFM, 150 Squadron RAF.  Gazetted 16/8/1940 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner. Air 2/8885  Whilst acting as Air Gunner on a bombing raid on 13th June 1940, with Flt Lt Hewson as the pilot, he shot down one Me 109, one Me 11O and disabled another Me 109. But for his airman’s skill and courage, it is probable that the aircraft would have been shot down before being able to reach the cover of the clouds. Throughout his service with the squadron, this airman has maintained a very high standard of efficiency, both in air gunnery and as a W/T operator. 27th June 1940.

http://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/an-outstanding-1940-battle-of-france-d.f.m.-gro-149-c-iye7h39uge http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/accessions/2008/08returns/08ac67.htm

I would think that his DFM was awarded for his actions on the day his Battle was lost.He is listed as a member of No. 142 Squadron, one of 10 Battle squadrons that composed the AASF France after being shot up, the Battle landed in a field south of Rouen when on operations over Rouen. It looks as if the Pilot F/L J M Hewson and the Observer, Sgt RVT Kitto DFM who had baled out as instructed by F/L J M Hewson evaded. Kitto’s DFM may also have been awarded on account of his actions on the day. Probably awards arising from F/L Hewson’s debriefing.  At the time No. 142 Squadron was operating out of Villiersfaux and No 150 Squadron was located next door on the Houssay airfield, a location just west of Orleans which must have been “fall back” bases in face of the German thrust south-west over the Seine. (From Harry Ree WW2talk.com)  (cover page, 25)


Robert Utteridge

Waddington-Allright Gordon J.   Wiltshire House, Hungerford, Berkshire.  Sgt. A/G Central Gunnery School Wellington N2894 shot down on return flight by Me110 night fighter at 02:25 near Hessen-Allee, 8km.southeast of Apeldorn on first 1000 bomber raid against  Cologne 30/31 May 1942.  (page 5)



Gordon Waddington-Allwright.

Walker, Ronald  106 Sunderland Ave. Tickhill, Doncaster.   F/O   51 Squadron Halifax HR750  was shot down by Feldwebel Heinz Oloff in a He 219 night fighter 27/28 May 1943 on raid to Essen, his 46th  operation, all of the crew survived to become POW’s.  Walker was awarded the D.F.M. in 1941.  (page 81)

Ronald WalkerRonald Walker