On Sunday, September 3rd, 1939 the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Neville Chamberlain stated, in a radio broadcast to the nation, that a state of war now existed between Great Britain and Germany.

The following day Walter Henry Layne, (known to his friends as Wally) immediately volunteered for duty as Aircrew with the R.A.F.

This blog tells his story

>> Assessment

8 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Thanks for this, my grandad went through the same training w/ air gunner.gave me a great insight into what he would av gone through..James lenaghan sadly died whilst training 31st May 1943 on board crashed an son Ltd on beach at raf waney. Thanx

  2. Ps he’s wasn’t a lance Jack, rather an AC2. He de mobbed as a WO. He was awarded a DFM having shot down several German fighters – no mean feat as an air gunner in a Battle with a poor old vickers K gun…he was also grieviosly wounded in his final flight. Volunteers all, the Battle crews at that stage in the battle of France were a very brave band of men.

  3. Sent you a link..hope you can access..Mr Utteridge is on the right. Poossibly He was a career airman prior to the outbreak of war..his uniform is certainly early pattern in the photo. A smashing chap..Per Ardua.

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